Sunday, April 19, 2009

I hate wall board!

This is getting ridiculous. I have told Jim to go buy a frikin' reciprocating saw and don't come home with out one! And now since he has gone to the Depot for what seems like the gazillionth time, I am jumping on to update you all--can I just say the old wall board in the bathroom is horrible and will not cut, score or anything and I'm getting really upset. Thus the temper tantrum about the reciprocating saw. Oh, and don't get me started on the shower basin--OMG was that a pain. The basin is squared, but the pipe is not--it is about 1/4 of inch off. ARGHHH! Sometimes I feel like we are never going to get this dang bathroom done. On the brighter side, after banging and pushing we got the drain to fit up to the pipe, and I have picked out the paint and the flooring and it is great. The paint is a grey blue and the flooring is a peel and stick white/grey slate look-a-like with bits of slate blue running thru it. The white subway tile really pops against everything and with nickel finishes, its going to look great. If we ever get there. I am really temped to try and convince Jim that we need to hire someone to help us when it comes to tiling the kitchen and fixing it up. This only working on the weekends thing blows and we want this house fixed up ASAP as we are thinking about putting it up on the market. Who knows now.

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