Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our first 'mis' adventure...

HOME IMPROVEMENT! Yep, that's right. We have long been wanting to update our place and now thanks to wedding money and our tax refund we've begun. First up--the upstairs bathroom.

With both of our busy schedules, it's taken us a couple of weeks to get everything ready and demo-ed. Demolition has got to be the best part--cleaning up, not so much. I had so much fun wacking out that backerboard, it was theraputic that's for sure. And who knew gardening gloves could serve such a dual purpose? What did we find? UGH--terrible things. Seems that the builders did not do a "great job", no moisture barrier and the insulation (one of the walls is an outside wall) had molded--crap! That added a bit of expense to the plan, but hey, I want it done right. So needless to say, down came that insulation.

We also decided that we wanted to change out the fixture and that is going to take a bit of plumbing work... I picked out the new handle and it's going to look great.

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