Monday, March 23, 2009


So it is the beginning of Spring Break and I'm scheduled for sugery this week--two days to be exact. I'm having a tumor removed from my ovary--how exciting?!?! Can you hear the sarcasm? Granted I am very lucky that we caught it. I am forever a believer in annual physicals from this time forward. The biggest worry is if the tumor is cancerous or not. My CA125 test came back negative for antibodies, but I've been told that it can give a false positive or negative. But I am hopeful. What also worries me is the "having kids" part of life if they have to take my ovary and fallopian tube. How easy or difficult will that be? Are we going to have to think about IVF or other fertility options? I am praying that all turns out normal and they don't have to take the ovary, but that is a very slim chance? And does this mean there could be a chance that I'm dealing with less estrogen and would that make it even harder to try and concieve? Jim wants to think about freezing eggs, but if they have to take the ovary there will be no chance of that becuase the tumor will have invaded the ovary and it won't be possible. So much to think about and mull in my head.

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